Friday, September 23, 2016

Round 1 - The Brambletwigs

Finch stared at the last picture he had of his parents.
They'd been outside when the satellites crashed from the sky, killing them instantly.  He hated humans.

...And now he was responsible for his little sister, Sundew!
One of the first things he did was get the pets jobs.  Spark joined Showbiz & Cloud joined Security.

Then he started their small family plot.  The Brambletwigs had always been one with the land.
"Sundew! Get out of the way!"
"Sowwy!" she giggled, crawling away.
Finch glanced over and saw Sundew cuddling with Cloud and felt a pang of regret for his sharpness.

He was determined to raise her well.
Although, there were times he failed.

Spark was entranced by the firefly lights.

Finch ditched school, staying home to take care of his responsibilities.
It seemed like there was always something to do!
It would be nice to take a short nap while Sundew napped.

"How have you been?" Indigo asked, giving him a friendly hug.  "I've been better!" he told her with a sigh.  She was a good friend for checking on him.

Spark loved scratching the tree.

"Aren't ya gonna come to school with me?" Sundew asked with a wide smile on her face.
"I don't wanna go alone!"
Finch got on the bus behind Sundew, determined to make her first day of school memorable.

After school, he worked on training Cloud & Spark.  Their handlers had sent home a list of commands they needed to learn.
Then, he helped Sundew with her schoolwork.
And tucked her into bed.
Before he could go to sleep, he harvested his first batch of poor tomatoes.  It was his first harvest alone.
But, after winter, he would do better.

Round 1 - The Winterbites

Kyra Winterbite hung up the phone on another Fairy complaining about Humans being able to come into their land.
She was following the news closely.  As a political hopeful, she wanted to stay abreast of the current events.
Kyra headed to work at City Hall, knowing she would be slammed with complaints.

Her children, Frost and Indigo, greeted her when she got home.
"Did you hear about the Humans vandalizing the Pleasure Gardens?" Indigo asked with affront.  Kyra sighed. "Yes, I heard all about it today," she sighed wearily.
"I can't believe we can't mend The Veil," Indigo complained over dinner.  "Please, can we talk about anything else?" Kyra asked. 

"Aw, aren't you a cutie?" Kyra asked petting the beautiful white wolf.  She was perfect for her!  Unfortunately, the wolf ran away before she could befriend him.

Kyra was eager for the prestige she would gain once she became a Garden Club Member.
Unfortunately, it began pouring rain almost the moment  Garden Master Rishell came over to inspect her garden.
The lightening didn't help, either.

Frost was excited to bring home his new Fairy friends, Tangy, Dragonfly, & Foxglove.
He got along best with Dragonfly.

"I've decided to send you to the Private School in the Human realm," Kyra announced, shocking Indigo.  "We need to learn the things that they know."
Jeff Carlson nervously rang the bell, watching the Fairies frolicking in the front yard.  He wondered if this were the type of home that would excel at Crumplebottom Academy.
Then, the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen answered the door.
"Good afternoon. I... uh... My name is... uh... Jeff... er... Headmaster Carlson!" he sputtered ignobly.  The Fairy smiled with a twinkle in her eye.

Krya was pleased by how well the visit was going.
"But I don't WANT to go to a Human school!" Indigo said passionately.
"I believe you will love it there, Indigo. Your mom says you're a bright, young lady!" Mr. Carlson told her.  "But, of course, no one will make you do anything you don't want to do."
Krya cut her daughter off.  "It might take some adjustment, on everyone's part, but I think it's the best way to bridge our divide," Kyra said, just as passionately as her daughter.
"You make a compelling point," Headmaster Carlson said as he shook her hand.  "We would love to have Indigo join us."

Late that night, Kyra continued working on her speech supporting unity with Rivervale... unity with the Humans.

Indigo hated her new uniform. She hated her new school. And right now, she hated her Mother.
An annoying girl followed her home from school, eager to see the Fairy land.
"Look! Stop following me around! And I told you already, don't touch my wings!" Indigo snapped.

Frost, on the other hand, was having the time of his life. He soon became fast friends with Mitch.
It warmed Kyra's heart to see how fast Frost was assimilating to the new way.

Indigo invited Hunter Heartsnap over.  "It stinks not getting to see you anymore," she told him.  Maybe Mother wouldn't have her move schools if she'd known she had a crush on a boy...
"I miss you, too," he said before they kissed.
Hunter was infatuated with Indigo.  He helpfully tended their flowers while she played with a stray cat nearby.
"Aren't you a cutie?" she asked the black cat.  He was perfect for her!

Indigo was happy her friend, Finch Brambletwig, was able to come over to hang out.  Since his parents died, he'd been busy caring for his little sister, Sundew.
"Have you ever thought about going back in time to change the world?" Finch asked, hooking his arm over his knee.

Under the cover of darkness, Kyra met with Jeff Carlson.
"I'm glad you could make it over," she told him quietly.  Indigo would not be pleased to know about their budding romance.
Jeff kissed her lips.  "I'll come whenever you call," he promised.