Friday, September 23, 2016

Round 1 - The Brambletwigs

Finch stared at the last picture he had of his parents.
They'd been outside when the satellites crashed from the sky, killing them instantly.  He hated humans.

...And now he was responsible for his little sister, Sundew!
One of the first things he did was get the pets jobs.  Spark joined Showbiz & Cloud joined Security.

Then he started their small family plot.  The Brambletwigs had always been one with the land.
"Sundew! Get out of the way!"
"Sowwy!" she giggled, crawling away.
Finch glanced over and saw Sundew cuddling with Cloud and felt a pang of regret for his sharpness.

He was determined to raise her well.
Although, there were times he failed.

Spark was entranced by the firefly lights.

Finch ditched school, staying home to take care of his responsibilities.
It seemed like there was always something to do!
It would be nice to take a short nap while Sundew napped.

"How have you been?" Indigo asked, giving him a friendly hug.  "I've been better!" he told her with a sigh.  She was a good friend for checking on him.

Spark loved scratching the tree.

"Aren't ya gonna come to school with me?" Sundew asked with a wide smile on her face.
"I don't wanna go alone!"
Finch got on the bus behind Sundew, determined to make her first day of school memorable.

After school, he worked on training Cloud & Spark.  Their handlers had sent home a list of commands they needed to learn.
Then, he helped Sundew with her schoolwork.
And tucked her into bed.
Before he could go to sleep, he harvested his first batch of poor tomatoes.  It was his first harvest alone.
But, after winter, he would do better.


  1. Aawww, poor baby!

    1. Which one is the poor baby? Finch or Sundew? :P

  2. Hard work for a teen, hope he'll manage alright!

    1. On top of caring for the pets & his toddler sister, he was kept very busy caring for all the darn plants! That was SO hard! Lol.

      Good thing I gave the pets jobs!