Thursday, September 22, 2016

Round 1 - The Campbells

"Have a good day at school! Be good! Learn!" Connie Campbell said worriedly.
Little Ashlee Welsh wiped her cheek with indignation.  "Gramma!"
It was her granddaughter's first day at school because of Ashlee's... differences...
Ashlee wasn't sure why Gramma was so clingy today!

It was hard when children grew up.  Connie picked up a few toys.
Then tried to pass the time reading the paper.
Finally, she headed towards her trusty computer.
After retiring from her career as an accountant, she supplemented her income by doing financial consulting.

Ashlee couldn't believe they gave her homework already! She was only 5!
"How was your day sweetheart?" She bent to give Ashlee a kiss.
"I had the BEST day!" Ashlee said enthusiastically.
As promised, Connie took her to the playground.
Connie sat nearby and watched Ashlee make friends with a young girl about her age.
Ashlee and Cathy played all afternoon until it was time to go home.

Connie greeted her old friend Weldon Despret.
"How have you been? It's good to see you!" she said, pressing a kiss to his cheek.
They spent the afternoon reminiscing about the good old days.

"How was your day?" Connie greeted Ashlee with a hug and kiss.
"Great Gramma! I'm gonna go play!"
Connie watched as Ashlee spoke animatedly to the school friend she'd brought home.
She loved how Ashlee seemed to fit right in - despite her wings...

"Time for dinner!" Connie called.
"And after dinner. It's time for homework."
"Do I have to?" Ashlee groaned.
But, as Gramma worked on her numbers, Ashlee did her homework.

Ashlee jumped from the bus, excited to share her good news.
"Gramma! Gramma! Gramma!"
"Look it! Look what I did!"  She proudly held up her report card.

"Why can't I stay up late tonight?" she begged.
"Because Gramma is having a few friends over," Connie explained.

She invited over her new neighbors, the Harts, and her dear friend Weldon.
Of course, maybe calling him just a friend was a little misleading.
He was her beau.
As the boys watched the cooking channel, Connie and Krista got to know each other.

Some mornings, Connie liked to read to Ashlee.
Ashlee especially liked the stories with fairies in it...

The day began like any other day.  Connie had finished taking out the trash.
...then she saw him...
"WREN!" she cried, pulling him closer for a fierce hug.

Ashlee heard a familiar male voice from the living room.

"DADDY!" she cried excitedly when she rounded the corner.
"Come here, you!" he said, pulling Ashlee into her arms.
She shrieked with pleasure.
"Did you come to visit?" she asked hopefully, already planning the things they would do.
"We'll see. I need to talk to your Grandma," he said, patting her on the head.
"Oh," she said, crest-fallen.

Connie furiously whispered, "I can't believe you need money again!"
"It's just a little!" he said cooly.  He'd known Mom would be a pain.
"What about getting a job? What about visiting Ashlee?" she lectured.
"Why are you always on my case?! I'm doing the best I can!" Wren shouted back.
"Forget it! I told her you wouldn't help!" he snapped.
"Her? Who is her?" Connie asked determinedly as he walked away.
Hearing the door slam, Ashlee tore from her room after him.
"Daddy! Come back!" she called plaintively.
He just kept walking.
Inside, her Gramma held her while she cried.

Ashlee woke up, determined to get some answers.
"Gramma?" she asked, interrupting the cooking show.
"Why am I so different?"


  1. Aww. A very nice start to your neighborhood. Lots of things going on.

    1. More is coming! Should be an interesting prosperity! :) Can't wait to get all the teens to college!

  2. Great! Write more soon!

    1. Thank you, DD! I just updated again this afternoon! Tell me what you think! ;)

  3. Replies
    1. I absolutely love Ashlee! And I couldn't believe how perfect it was when Wren walked by. I couldn't help but make him the long-lost son. :)

  4. Wow quite a pretty family! Rotten of the dad not to stick around though, who was he talking to?