Thursday, September 8, 2016

Round 1 - The Harts

Dominic was very eager for his girlfriend, Krista, to move in with him.
He didn't even mind that her three children would be moving in with her.
There were definite benefits and disadvantages.
But, Dominic believed the benefits outweighed the disadvantages.

"This blows," Levi grumbled when looking at their new room.
Three beds crammed in a small bedroom.

Krista thought the move had gone off smoothly. 
Uh oh.

"Mom said you have to take us with you!" Kendra nagged, trailing behind her older brother Levi.
Levi gave his siblings some cash to keep them away from him at the gaming store at the strip mall.  
Walking into the store, he saw the prettiest girl ever!
Putting on a charming smile, he introduced himself.

Dominic knew the children's bedroom was a little sparse, so he painted a charming picture.
After all, what child didn't like grilled cheese?
"Doesn't it taste much better with the gruyere cheese?" he asked the children after serving them an afterschool snack.
The kids pushed at the sandwiches.  "Yeah. Sure," Levi grimaced.

Krista told Dominic the big news.
"You're pregnant?!" he asked with surprise.
He proposed marriage immediately.
Krista accepted, despite the fact that her fiance had proposed in his underwear. 

Jacob grabbed Dominic's painting supplies and toyed around with the easel.
Dominic was not very happy when he discovered the child destroying his canvas!
"You're not my father!" Jacob cried angrily before running inside.

Krista stroked her pregnant belly as she waited for her children to gather.
They exchanged vows.  She was now Mrs. Krista Hart.
Dominic felt like the luckiest man in the world.
It was an interesting honeymoon.
Krista snuffled newborn Nicolas in her arms before handing him over to Dominic.

Levi headed back to the games shop to have some fun.  A cute girl walked by.
"Hi, I'm Levi," he said, introducing himself to her.
She wasn't as taken with him, though.
"Burn," John Bridges said, having witnessed Levi's abrupt turn-down.
Across the room, he saw Shelby watching and flexed his muscles and gave John a noogie.
John pleaded with Shelby to give him a chance.
He gave her a tender kiss to prove his affection.
Thankfully she feel for his adorable puppy-dog eyes.

"Good evening, enjoy your meal!" she practiced.  "Thank you for coming! Enjoy your meal!"  The car horn beeped.
"Be good!" she told Levi as she left.
"Yeah sure, mom!" Levi said, grinning as Shelby hopped on his lap.

"Thanks for driving me home!" Krista said, smiling at her hottie co-worker.


  1. A lot of happenings in the first update! Congratulations on a new prosperity

  2. Oh my goodness, who doesn't like a May December romance? The kids don't seem to like it though, they'll come around. Glad to see this prosperity hope you keep it up.