Friday, September 23, 2016

Round 1 - The Sweetsparkles

Willow Sweetsparkle lived with her mother, Rosie, and her three children - Tangy, Dragonfly & Foxglove.
The matriarch was the strict one.  "Boys, it's time for school."
"Yes, Grand Mother!" the boys said, briskly walking away.
"Oh, Mother! You're too hard on them! Let them play!"
Of course, that was all Willow wanted to do!
Willow handed little Foxglove a bottle while she prepared her meal.
She loved the view from their porch.

"And how was school today?" Rosie asked when Tangy walked in.  "Okay," he replied.
"Let's get that homework done!" she said, ignoring his groan.

Willow's heart beat faster the moment she saw Wren.
She rushed into her adventurer's arms.  Somehow, while exploring, he'd managed to cross The Veil from the human world.
They'd been inseparable since.
Time flew when she was in Wren's arms.
Giggling like teenagers, they hurried to her bedroom.
"Tell me you don't have to leave so soon," she said sadly.
"I'll be back as soon as I can manage," he promised.  "Take care of my boys."

Grand Mother Rosie was not happy.  "You swore you would not see him again! Remember her!"
Willow thought about Ashlee, the daughter she'd had to give up.  She'd been born with human ears and could not live beyond the Veil.  Wren took the baby girl to his own Mother to raise.  She shook her head sadly.  "That will not happen!"

Thankfully, little Foxglove had been born with elf ears & his fairy wings had appeared when he was a toddler.
Tangy and Dragonfly, Wren's firstborn twins, had also fortunately been born with elf ears.

"Why do you waste your time with those papers? You should be playing!" Willow sighed.
She was a wonderful mother when it was time to play.

Her Mother had worked tirelessly throughout the day to make neat leaf piles.
"WEEEEEEE!" Willow laughed as she jumped into the pile, scattering leaves everywhere.

One of the first things a fairy toddler learned was to fly!
After they could fly, then they learned to walk.

In her spare time, Rosie liked to paint.

Little Foxglove loved playing in the leaf piles, too!
"WEEEEEE!" he mimicked his Mother.
Awww.... soooooo cute!

It felt like it had been months since she'd seen him last.  Willow missed Wren.

Thankfully, for her sanity, he was able to come back soon.
She wasted no time pulling him to her room.
The longer he was away, the fiercer their love play was.
She fell asleep in his arms, ignoring the fact that he would have to leave soon.

Wren tiptoed upstairs to the kitchen to grab some food before he left.  He bumped into... "Which one are you?" he asked.
"I'm Foxglove!" he laughed, thinking Wren was joking.
"Ah, yes! I knew that!" he said, reaching down to tickle the boy.

He was on his way out when Willow's Mother caught up with him.  "NEVER come back if you know what's good for you!" she threatened.  She didn't want to see her daughter hurt anymore.

Fall was the hardest time to care for her flowers. Rosie spent hours a day tending to the lawn.
"I knew you'd be back!" Willow greeted Wren ecstatically.

"You can't get me! Nah-ne Nah-ne Nah-nah!" Dragonfly teased.
"I'll get you, alright!" Foxglove cried, heaving the water balloon.
"You MISSED him!" Tangy taunted his little brother merrily.

"You want me to move in? Isn't that against the code?" Wren asked.
"YOU CAN'T! He's a HUMAN!" Rosie yelled, rushing into the room and lecturing her daughter.  "But I love him! It won't hurt anything!" Willow argued.
"I love you, too, babe!" Wren said, saucily goosing Willow (in front of her Mother).
Young and in love, the frisky couple rushed to Willow's room.

But, Rosie had no qualms showing the Human how she felt about him.

Willow was pleased when she realized she was with child again.

The boys played nicely together in the yard.

Willow told Wren the news.
"A baby?" he said with surprise, glancing down to rub her belly.  This would be the first pregnancy he would get to take part in.
"To hell with the Fairy Laws," Wren said boldly.  "Marry me!"
Willow slipped his ring on her finger.

"Be nice to each other," Willow warned as she set the table.
Their peace didn't last long.
Rosie considered shoving the Human from the balcony.  The only thing that stopped her were the children watching below.
That'll teach him not to mess with a Fairy!

Willow called out for her Mother when the labor pains began.
Hearing her cry, all the children ran into her room to freak out.
"What is it?" Wren asked groggily.  "Did something happen?"
"Come meet your daughter," Willow said with a smile. "Sapphire Sweetsparkle."
Rosie made an appearance and happily took the newborn from Willow. "She has fairy ears," she said, pleased.

"Boys, give your Mom and I a moment alone, please," Wren said, shooing the children from the room.  Why were they always underfoot?
Willow took Wren's hands.  "I want to show you someplace," she said secretively.

Willow took him to the Pleasure Gardens.
Under the Sacred Arch, she pledged herself to him.
Then slipped the family ring onto his finger.  He was now a Sweetsparkle.

"This place is amazing!" Wren said, in awe of the Pleasure Gardens.  He hopped onto a hammock and played.
"May I join you?" she asked seductively.
She eagerly pounced on him, intending to consummate their union.

As the Fairy and the Human made love in the Pleasure Gardens, something happened.  Their love destroyed The Veil between the two worlds lifted, allowing Fairy and Human to mingle freely for the first time in centuries.


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    1. Wren & Willow are PERFECT for each other. And I love how much Rosie hates him. Lol.

  2. Woo these two don't seem to have much sense,huh? Nice looking lot! So now any human can walk onto this lot? :)